The next Distance Learning Deep Imagery Training begins in Fall (August/September) 2019. Enrollment begins in December, 2018.

About the Distance Learning Training

A three year process with minimal residential requirements.

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The Distance Learning program offers the same curriculum as the Residential program, in the same order.

The IIVR Core Curriculum Training is a training through which you will learn to work with the deep imagination and guide others, individually or in pairs, on their own interactions with deep imagery. Therefore there are two main requirements of you. The first is that you get lots of experience in journeying yourself. That is, you are guided frequently through your own journeys. The second is that you get the chance to guide others. You will learn through the experiences you have.

In the Distance Learning Program, you will need to be available to work with other members of your group, by phone or internet. You also will need to recruit a few volunteers whom you can guide through the Chakra Animal journeys. You will also need to be available to attend live conference calls.

You will be provided with a login for this website and will be able to avail of resources on this site, including video and audio recordings, as well as a variety of text documents that supplement the live sessions.

Personal Prerequisites:

  • A willingness to commit to your own process of growing and healing through working with deep imagery
  • Previous experience with Deep Imagery, either through a minimum of 2 workshops or having being guided on 3 personal journeys with a trained Deep Imagery guide
  • A commitment to a three year process

Technical Prerequisites

  • Good internet/wifi connection for video conferencing calls or the ability to phone-in. We use Zoom for group meetings.
  • A Skype account for working with other members of your training group.


Have available to you a talking staff or other physical object that you will use during sharing.

As a group, we agree, in general,  to meet on a certain day, usually a Thursday or Friday.   The timing of the meeting will be determined by the members of the group and their locations. For instance, in one of the current training groups, there are people living in Pacific time zone, European Central Time zone and Indochino time. The group meetings occur at 10am-12pm Mountain time.

During the training, we will meet fairly regularly, via conference calls and web. Group meetings usually occur once a month with the occasional extra session scheduled when needed. Additional to the group sessions, each member is expected to schedule practice time on their own with other members of the training group. That is a minimum of 2 self-scheduled sessions (one to guide, one to journey) between each group session. For more complex pieces of work, expect to schedule more than 2 sessions to complete the coursework.

In the last 3 months of the year, there will also be individual sessions scheduled with the trainer. We finish each year with a final full group conference call session.

We will have at least one residential in Third year. Tuition and fees for the residential will be extra to the training.

Hours per year

  • Minimum of 24 hours group instruction with trainer.
  • Minimum of 12 hours of personal journey/imagery work.
  • Minimum of 12 hours of practice
  • Minimum of 4 hours supervised practice
  • Maximum of 4 hours individual consultation with trainer.

Tuition Fee:

For 2019 training, the Tuition Fee is : $1500, PER YEAR. 


Upon registration you pay an advance payment of $300USD. This payment will be deducted from your last payment of the training fee (Year 3).

The yearly fee is due at the start of each training year. Full payment is expected by the beginning of the second session unless other arrangements have been made with the trainer.

It is possible to spread the yearly fee into smaller payments. To arrange this or to discuss other options, please consult the organizer in advance.

Cancellation/Withdrawing from the Training:

If you cancel one month before start of the training, we will refund the advance payment minus a handling fee of $30USD. After that date, the advance payment is not refundable. If you pause or quit the training, the training fee is not refundable.

Download a Deep Imagery Training brochure

Apply for a place in the training