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Application Form 2019

Use this form to apply for a place in the 2019 training.

Dates: First Thursday, Friday or Saturday of each month, depending on group needs. Beginning date: Fall 2019.

Tuition: $1500 per year.

It is expected that you will have experienced the process of deep imagery before applying. If you do not already have experience in this type of Imagery, you may apply anyway. Explain, as best you can, your reasons for wanting to participate in this training. We will put you in touch with someone with whom you can complete the prerequisite journeys. This must be done before your application will be fully accepted.

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  • If you haven't the required experience, mention that and we will be in touch.

    We will either schedule a time to work with you or recommend an imagery guide with whom you can work, whichever option suits you best.

  • To be accepted into the program, you need to have attended a deep imagery workshop or have been guided to meet most or all of your inner guides (chakra animals) or have other relevant experience.