2016 Wildlife Photographer of the Year People’s Choice Award winner: Mario Ceo's image of a kingfisher.
The Beauty of Deep Imagery (Distance Learning & more), #2
Returning to your deep self and trusting again your own core wisdom or guidance, is what this work is about.
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The Beauty of Deep Imagery (Distance Learning + more)
If you were to ask me what the greatest strength of the distance learning program is, I would say it
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Why Take a Deep Imagery Training?
    There are a number of places both on this website and on where we outline the benefits
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Distance Learning Information
The Deep Imagery Distance Learning program is a distance learning version of The Core Curriculum Training  in Deep Imagery, as
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Deep, Relational, Interactive Imagery
  In deep imagery as we understand it in the Personal Totem Pole Process, the emphasis is on relating directly
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An Experiential, Process oriented Training 
  To be a successful deep imagery guide, we must become familiar with the realm of the deep imagination and
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